Absurdly happy

Had a fab weekend.  My boyfriend and I are planning a holiday for the Summer and the past few weeks we’ve been more like the old us.  Today he was even talking about “when we move in together” and getting excited looking at houses for us to buy. He know’s I’ll be more useless than a chocolate teapot on a mortgage application but we are talking about a legl agreement between us so that my monthly ‘rent’ buys me an equity share.   Aaaahhhh x

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The bad news first…

Bad news: I lost the car!  The other half was refused the credit solely on the basis of not being on the electoral register…unbelievable. 

Good news: my mum sat me down to ask about my debts and I told her everything.  She has been an absolute star and got to work straight away.  She’s spoken to an IP pal and has a copy of the CCCS guidelines so kept telling me to go BR because I would be better off!  The polar opposite to what I was expecting.  She understands now that I need to pay back as much as I can afford for my own self respect and is being completely supportive despite not seeing my point at all.  But she’s my mummy and all she sees is what’s best for me and my future; my creditors don’t come close.  I havent been able to furnish my flat since I moved in last Feb so is helping me with some furniture and a new TV.  For the first time last night, I had that feeling of looking forward to going home after work and realised how much I miss my flat being a ‘home’. 

She is also helping with the car.  I will be leasing her car at less than I would have been paying for the other one and this lease fee will help her with the cost of a buying another car for herself.  And I can pay back some of the deferred payments as she would rather I conclude the IVA sooner rather than put the whole lot into the lease agreement to help her.  So roll on July when I get a car!!!!!! 

The moral of the story is to think twice before ruling out your parents!  My mum has always paid her cards off monthly and been sensible with money so I had no idea she’d be so quick to understand and accept my pickle.

She won’t be reading this, but thanks Mum xxxxxx

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To bus or not to bus (& tube & train & taxi & walk in the rain)

I can’t believe it.  My car plan looks like it’s hit the skids. Pun intended.  My other half’s credit application has been declined?!?!?!?! Neither of us can believe it.  He’s as safe as houses; his savings outweigh his debts and his mortgage is only 1.5x his salary.  THere are only three things I can think of…(1) we are rarely at the beach house so the utilities there are often paid late because we aren’t there to receive them, (2) he already has a car on finance or (3) his primary residential address is the same as his work address as he lives on site.  I’m not linked on the application so we know I haven’t put the kiss of death on it and we don’t live together yet so there’s no link to my IVA at all. He earns six figures but has been refused 10k of car finance at £170pm…if this is where lending has got to God help all of us!!  Let’s hope the chap at the dealership can overturn it for us tomorrow.  

I feel sick to my stomach.  TBH I’ve really given up before the fat lady sings. I knew this was too good to happen to me. Sulk sulk sulk.

Sorry peeps reading this…life isn’t so bad.  I couldn’t afford my happy pills this month so I’m easily knocked.  I know this isn’t earth-shattering, life-changing stuff. I’ll get over myself when I’m back on the meds. Still sulking (but ashamed of the pettiness of me)! If anyone with big problems is reading this..yes I do know that if this is the only thing I have cause to worry about I am very lucky. I just need a minute to get my head together.  It’s the freedom not the car.

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A storm in a teacup

My financial straits are causing friction between me and the boyfriend which is a bummer.  I know he pays for pretty much everything and if I was him it would get to me too. But what does he expect me to do? 

I can ask for the entertainment allowance at my next review, but this isn’t much really.  £17pm if I’m lucky and that doesn’t even buy a pair of cinema tickets…let alone popcorn and drinks! 

Hate this!

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Ever hopeful…

Feb was a toughie but I made it by the skin of my teeth.  This month the plan is to regulate my spending a little so I’m not like a bat out of hell round the shops just after payday and trying to make £20 last two weeks at the end of the month. 

I stocked up in Asda this evening with lots of fish and vegetables and noodles.  I like to eat lots of Wagamama-style ramen soups.  I even got sandwich fillings and snacks and change from £40.  Best of all, a quick reckoning at the till looks as if I have dinners and lunches for three weeks.  I’ll probably need to top up on biscuits in a couple of days though!!

Good news is that instead of flying to my party, I got a super saver train ticket for a lot less money.  And the train was delayed by over two hours so I get 100% of my return ticket back.  They normally compensate in National Rail vouchers…so I’ll have to explain why I’m not a normal case!!!  This is all part of the new and improved me; in the past I would have let it slide and not reclaimed my money. For any other regular train users, the scheme is called Delay Repay.  Anyway, I want the cash to put towards my half of a weekend break over the long Easter/Royal Wedding break.  Thr bloke wants to get away and is fed up of paying for everything.  Fair enough really; it’s tough that he has to live like he’s in an IVA too and in our four years together we’ve never had a foreign holiday or done anything exciting because it all costs too much.  The holidays we have had he’s paid for; it doesn’t help that he’s 5* all the way and won’t consider a budget airline.  But then I get annoyed that he has all these demands but refuses to compromise – we could’ve gone away if only he’d stay 3* in a “plebs” resort (anywhere hot and sunny with a beach and a pool would do me; don’t care if it’s Benidorm or Barabados) and fly Easyjet!! 

Haven’t got to the dentist yet, maybe next week.  Thank you Pandy for the heads up on costs…it seems too good to be true! 

My 20p tube is filling up slowly.  I keep forgetting and spending them…doh! I didn’t forget to treat myself to the new handbag though…a dashing red bag in return for a whole month of packed lunches.  The reward was certainly enough to encourage me to give it a go again this month and I have my eye on a blazer in H&M. 

What a whinger!

PS – best news of all.  I’m 20 months down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teeth are such a nuisance

It’s never good when you floss and half a tooth falls out! 

I last went to the dentist over two years ago to get a false tooth (£1500 yikes) and was told I also needed 11 fillings.  The price put me off going back and I just buried my head in the sand…until last night and the flossing accident. 

Hopefully, now I’ve moved to a new area I can find an NHS dentist and get a plan worked out to repair my gob.  I reckon that at £46 per filling appointment (NHS charges), I should be able to manage a tooth a month from my housekeeping budget.  Although some of them are probably crown jobs now…oh dear.  And some of them are round the front so will need to be white and I think that means being done privately…eek. 

Funny thing is, my expensive false tooth which is on the other side of my mouth fell out a couple of months ago and I just had to jam it back in (no money, same old story, yawn) which is pretty much what the dentist did when it first went in anyway.  It wobbles sometimes so I had to eat on the other side.  Now I’ve run out of sides.  My lunchtime sandwiches were a bit of a worry today in case they ripped the back off my tooth LOL but seriously. I’m actually grossing myself out.  What a skank!

God this is boring!  Sorry to anyone who read this. Just needed to get it out.  No-one to talk to who’d understand. 

Treatment starts on the 27th…payday! Just need a dentist and a plan.

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…and I’m feeling good!

Feeling totally positive this month. 

It is my boyfriend’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, I have to fly to a party up north and I had two broken necklaces re-strung costing twice as much as the jeweller quoted!!  So all in all, Feb is worse than Christmas!  But with money being demanded from me from all sides, I feel that if I can get through this month I am well on my way to mastering a budget.

To help me manage, I’ve found my closest Asda….and bought over a week’s shop for just twenty pounds (including prawns and mutton for curries).  My fridge has never been so full!  I LOVE IT.  I have also bought food for packed lunches…which is a bit frowned upon as work think managers should be supporting the food retailers.  But who cares, I have sandwiches, crisps and home-made tiffin to take with me.  I will learn to master a budget if it kills me! I have promised myself a new handbag if I eat packed lunches all month…need to replace the one I put through the washing machine.  An experiment in cost-saving that didn’t pay off.  I’m hoping that by watching the pennies, the pounds will take care of themselves. 

I am able to look beyond Feb tho as I’m crazy excited about getting my new car.  It should have worked out cheaper than taking public transport to work but with the exorbitant insurance quotes, it will be on a parr.  So it looks like most of my recent payrise will be offset by boring snoring transport costs.  I would have liked a little disposable income to spend on silly things but at least I have a car and can forget about the endless round of buses and tubes and trains and taxis that I seem to spend my whole life waiting for. 

Next month when I have a bit more cash, I’m going to get a subscription to my favourite magazine.  40% off…can’t believe I’ve never done this before…paying full price is just throwing money away.

The best thing about this month is my Smartie’s tube of 20 pences – thanks LeakyBrain!!  It’s very exciting and each time I put a new 20p in, I take the whole lot out and count it up.  I have the grand total of £1.20.  

Baby steps towards budgeting…

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs.iva.co.uk. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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